Wombsafe Liquid

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Benefits :

  • Retention of Placenta ( ROP).
  • Uterine infections like metritis, pyometra etc.
  • Irregular lochial discharge.
  • Delayes involution ofthe uterus.

Daily Dosage :

  • Cow, Buffalo & Mare - In cases of ROP 100 ml twice on first day followed by 100 ml once daily for the next three days. in other conditions 50 ml twice a day with jaggary.
  • Ewe, doe & sow - 50 ml twice one first day followed by 25 ml for the next three days with jaggary.


Pack Size 500ml, 1ltr.

WoMbsafe Liquid (Each 10 Ml Contains)

Abruma augasta 8 mg
Mcringa clcifcra 20 mg
Glcricsa supcrba 18 mg
Adhatcda vasica 1 7 mg
Ruta graveolens 15 mg
Peganum harmala 15 mg
Cyperus rotundus  15 mg